Sri Krishna in Brindavan



      The Avatara descends on the earth

There are debates on the existence of God, and these debates will continue because God, the Invisible, does not oblige the debaters by making himself visible to them.

      But even among those who have mysteriously seen Him in one form or another, there have been debates whether God, even if Omnipotent, has the capability of incarnation in this physical world.

      Even those who have heard the stories of Rama and Krishna and Buddha and Christ with astonishment and adoration, and seen in their lives the marvel of their incarnation, debate if incarnations know that they are incarnations, and if so, whether right from their birth or at advanced stages of maturity and ripeness in their wisdom and in their deeds. We shall leave these debates for the debaters, and we shall not allow our story of the mystery of the Divine Love that Krishna manifested in Brindavan to be diluted but allow our soul to experience what those in Gokul and Brindavan felt and knew of that playful Child, of that captivating Youth, of that Flute Player and of that Divine Lover whose charm, whose speech, whose music and whose dance was a constant demonstration that, indeed, the whole life of the world can be seen, experienced and recreated as a perpetual scene of million forms of Divine intimacy, nudity, purity and ineffable bliss. Let us turn to that delightful story, which tells us that Krishna was conscious even in his childhood that he, indeed, was the master of Delight from whom have arisen all manifestations, and that he had incarnated himself in the human form for

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