Sri Krishna in Brindavan


      The Vrajvasis leave Gokula*

One day, most handsome Śrī Krsna said to his brother, Balarāma, "My dear brother, I think it is not good to play in this forest any more. We, the cowherd boys, have spoiled the beauty of this forest by using it recklessly. There is no more grass left for the cows, and no more dry wood for cooking. Each and every tree in this forest has been used to its fullest extent. The density of the forest now appears thin, like the sky. We no longer find any pleasure while looking at the forest. There were many beautiful trees in and around the cowshed, the gates of which have round locks. But those trees are no more, because the forest fire burned them. Formerly, there was an abundance of grass and wood at our doorsteps, but now, we have to look for them in distant places.

      There is very little water left in this forest, and very little grass and wood. Therefore, it is not wise to stay here any longer. One has to search for a place here to rest. Only a few trees remain and so, the situation appears quite pathetic. These trees no longer produce flowers and fruit, like before. Even the birds that lived in these trees have all flown elsewhere. Besides, the inhabitants of this place have cut down many trees in this forest.

      There is no happiness here anymore. We can hardly relish any fruit and even the air appears stale. This forest, devoid of birds, does not give us any delight, just as rice without any vegetable preparations does not give one the happiness of eating. The wood and green leafy vegetables of this forest are being sold for earning a livelihood. There is a scarcity of green grass here. This forest now looks like the residential area of the cowherd men. Pasturing fields are the ornaments of a mountain,


* Adapted from Harivarhśa Purāna.

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