Principal Characters

Each character in Svapnavasavadattam is well chiseled by the dramatist, and marked with a strong individuality. Each one of them can be witnessed by us as a living and developing personality, each appropriate to his or her temperament and truth of being, and each in its own way, helps in the development of the plot.


Udayana, known as Vatsaraja, is a prince of exalted character, who ruled over the Vatsas with his capital at Kau§ambi. He is dearly loved and highly honoured by his people. He is a faithful and devoted husband who is so distraught when he hears of his queen and min­ister perishing in a fire, that he is ready to sacrifice his life in the same fire.

He marries PadmavatT, sister of the king of Magadha only for po­litical reasons. In Act VI, Udayana sends for PadmavatT as he wants to meet along with her, the Chamberlain and the nurse of Vasavadatta. Padmavati is naturally skeptical about the effect of her presence on the relatives of Vasavadatta. Udayana removes the doubt in her mind by pointing out that the parents of Vasavadatta look upon him as their own son and therefore, their affection would prevent them from not welcoming his second marriage, and secondly, assured of their love for him, Udayana would be failing in his duty if he were to omit pre­senting his new wife to the elders, as good conduct demanded.

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