[Palace garden at Magadha]

(Enter a Maid)

MAID — Kunjarika, Kunjarika! Where, 0 where, is the princess PadmavatT?

What dost thou say that the princess has been playing with a ball near the madhavi bower? I will then just approach the princess. (Walking about and looking). Oh, here is the princess coming hither-wards, playing with her ball, with her face having its pendant earrings raised up, bestrewed with drops of perspiration produced by exertion and looking charming owing to exertion. I will just approach her.


(Enter Padmavati, playing with a ball, accompanied by her retinue and Vasavadatta)

Vasavadatta — Friend, here is your ball.

PADMAVATT— Lady it is enough now.

VASAVADATTA — Friend, having played with the ball for a very long time, your hands with redness enhanced, belong as it were, to someone else.

MAID — Play on, play on, my princess; let the charming days of maidenhood be enjoyed.

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