[At Magadha]

(Enter Padminika)

Padminika — Madhukarika, oh, Madhukarika, come here quickly.

(Enter Madhukarika)

MADHUKARIKA — Here I am, my dear, what is to be done? PADMINIKA — Don't you know my dear, that Princess Padmavati is troubled by a headache.

MADHUKARIKA — Oh, fie upon it!

PADMINIKA — Friend, run quickly and call the revered Avantika. Only tell her the princess has a headache, and she will come of her own accord.

MADHUKARIKA — My dear, what good can she do?

PADMINIKA — Why, she will tell the princess pleasant stories and drive away the pain.

MADHUKARIKA — Very likely. Where have you made up the princess's bed?

PADMINIKA— It is spread in the lake-house. Go you now. I too will seek out the noble Vasantaka that he may inform the lord of it.

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