(Enter a Chamberlain)

Chamberlain — Who is here, oh, that attends at the golden-arched gate?

(Enter Portress)

PORTRESS — Sir, it is I, Vijaya, what is to be done?

CHAMBERLAIN — Lady, tell please tell Udayana, whose pros­perity (power) has increased on account of the acquisition of the kingdom of the Vatsas – Here has come from Mahasena's presence a Chamberlain, of the family of Raibhya, as also Vasavadatta's nurse named the revered Vasundhara, sent by queen Angaravati; and both are waiting at the gate.

PORTRESS — Sir, this is neither the proper place nor the proper time for the announcement.

CHAMBERLAIN — How is it not the proper place and time? PORTRESS — May Your Honour hear. Today, a lute was played

upon by some one, residing in the Suryamukha palace of our lord. On

hearing it my lord said – the sound, like that of Ghosavati is heard. CHAMBERLAIN — Then, then?

PROTRESS — Then my lord, having gone there, asked – where was the lute got from? He said thus – It was found by us lying in a

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