The Crucifixion - Acknowledgements



This monograph is part of a series on Value-oriented Education centered on three values: Illumination, Heroism and Harmony. The research, preparation and publication of the monographs that form part of this series are the result of the cooperation of the following members of the research team of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research, Auroville:

Abha, Alain, Anne, Ashatit, Auralee, Bhavana, Christine, Claude, Deepti, Don, Frederick, Ganga, Jay Singh, Jean-Yves, Jossy, Jyoti Madhok, Kireet Joshi, Krishna, Lala, Lola, Mala, Martin, Mirajyoti, Namrita, Olivier, Pala, Pierre, Serge, Shailaja, Shankaran, Sharanam, Soham, Suzie, Varadharajan, Vladimir, Vigyan.

General Editor: KIREET JOSHI

Author of this monograph: Donald Kelman

We are grateful to many individuals in and outside Auroville who, besides the above mentioned researchers and general editor, have introduced us to various essays which are included in full or in parts in this experimental compilation.

Our special thanks to Veronique Nicolet for her painting used on the cover.

Design: Auroville Press Publishers

The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) acknowledges with gratitude the labor of research and editing of the team of researchers of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research, Auroville.

Printed in Auroville Press, 2006


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