Bhagavagd Gita - Session 33- Track 3309

Question: Has Brihaspati here has any meaning to the planet Brihaspati?


Question: And Karttikeya is Avatar?

He is not the Avatar.

Question: The one who is supposed to be in…


Question: The same Karttikeya?

It is the same Karttikeya.

Question: Can it also be that when transformation and devotion are joined together then you become…

…the great Karmayogi, and therefore the great warrior.

Question: Shiva and Parvati would…

There are many meanings of it; it is one of the meanings you can attach. Actually Puranic stories are symbolic and in many circumstances they can be interpreted in many ways, but this is one interpretation which is possible.

maharṣīṇāṁ bhṛgur ahaṁ, “Among the great Rishis, I am Bhrigu.” As you know Bhrigu is supposed to be the knower of past, present and future; a capacity which is specialised by the Maharishis, all Maharishis are trikalajñāni(s), but a Maharishis who knows these three times fully and is able to narrate, and to give to the world is a speciality of the manifestation of Bhrigu.

Even now we are Bhrigu Samhita(s), which are read by people in which future is, as it were, known, written down, and there are amazing examples, even when today, when we read the Bhrigu Samhita something which you cannot normally explain at all…I have heard a very interesting account of the Bhrigu Samhita from the former chief Justice of India, (I am giving his example, because judges will not exaggerate, or will not say something that is not justifiable, which is not evidenced). He said he went long ago to a Bhrigu Samhita when he was a lawyer, and it was predicted there he will become one day the chief of the department of Justice in the country. He was a lawyer at that time; he had not gone into Judiciary. Secondly that he would have two sons, and then the first son’s horoscope will be as follows, and the second son’s horoscope will be as follows. And both the horoscopes as narrated at that time came true, and he has direct evidence of both the horoscopes. The horoscopes which were given in Bhrigu Samhita were given many years before the children were born. Now, when the children are born one does not know; you cannot predict exactly at this hour a child will be born and whose horoscope will be like this. Now, he himself he has personally told me, so I have no reason to doubt it. He has also promise me that one day he will give me exactly the horoscopes of his two children which are found in the Bhrigu Samhita and the exact horoscopes of these two children when they were born: they are exactly identical.

So, this is the knowledge which is supposed to have been given to mankind by Bhrigu. So, even today we have some evidence of it and some of the other lesser Bhrigu Samhita: there are many kinds of Bhrigu Samhitas. There are many things which are true, some things which don’t come true, that is true, but according to me even if 5 per cent comes true, it is amazing. Thousands of years ago it has been able to tell you that exactly at this time this will happen; that your name will happen to be beginning with such and such a letter, things of this kind, really amazing. Such a knowledge exists in India, even today, even tough corrupted, diminished, in many ways you might say almost lost, but still existing.


maharṣīṇāṁ bhṛgur ahaṁ girām asmy ekam akṣaram |

“Among the speeches I am the word letter, first letter which is “A”.”

yajñānāṁ japayajño ’smi, “Among sacrifices I am japayajño”.

There are many sacrifices, but among them, Sri Krishna gives the highest position to japayajña: this is because when you are completely devoted to the Divine nothing remains to be done for you, or by you, everything is done by the Divine. Then what remains for you? Accepting kirtayantaḥ, we always do kirtana of the Divine; that means all that remains to be done.

You are full of love and for the lover, there is nothing greater than to repeat the name of beloved, all the time; there is no moment when you cannot be away from the memory of the beloved; therefore, japayajña is the highest of yajña(s).

sthāvarāṇāṁ himālayaḥ ||25|| (X), “Among all the stable things in the world, I am Himalaya.”

aśvatthaḥ sarvavṛkṣāṇāṁ, “Among all the trees I am Ashvatta tree.”

devarṣīṇāṁ ca nāradaḥ |, “Among all the Rishis among the gods I am Narada.”

gandharvāṇāṁ citrarathaḥ, “Among the Gandharvas”, (there is another kind of invisible beings: Gandharvas), “I am Chitraratha”.

siḍdhāṇāṁ kapilo muniḥ ||26|| (X), “Among those who have realised the Divine, those Munis who have realised the Divine, among them I am Kapila”.

Kapila is supposed to be the originator of Sankhya philosophy.

uccaiḥśravasam aśvānāṁ, “Among all the horses I am Ucchaishshravas.”

He is supposed to have come out of the churning of the ocean by the gods and the demons while there were churning so many things came out, among them was Uccaishshravas, a kind of a horse.

viddhi mām amṛtodbhavam, you understand that I am Uccaishshravas, who has arisen out of amṛtodbhavam, out of nectar he was born.

airāvataṁ gajendrāṇāṁ, “Among the elephants, know that I am Airavata;”

As you know Airavata is supposed to have 7 trunks.

narāṇāṁ ca narādhipam ||27|| (X), “Among men I am the king.”

āyudhānām ahaṁ vajraṁ, “Among all the weapons, I am Thunderbolt: vajra.

dhenūnām asmi kāmadhuk, “Among all the cows I am the Kamadhenu.”

prajanaś cāsmi kandarpaḥ, “Among all the agents of births, I am Kamadeva.”

sarpāṇāṁ asmi vāsukiḥ ||28|| (X), “Among all the serpents I am Vasuki.”

That is the chief of all the Nagas.

anantaś cāsmi nāgānāṁ, “Among the Nagas, I am Ananta.”

varuṇo yādasām aham,…