Bhagavagd Gita - Session 34- Track 3410

Having seen this, we have now three important images that come to the mind of Arjuna and they will now be successively described:

sakheti matvā prasabhaṁ yad uktaṁ he kṛṣṇa he yādava he sakheti |
ajānatā mahimānaṁ tavedaṁ mayā pramādāt praṇayena vāpi ||41||(XI)

“You, all this that I saw are embodied in this one, one who stand before me, and in my rashness, prasabhaṁ, in my rashness I called You sakha, O my friend, he kṛṣṇa he yādava, I just called You casually like this he kṛṣṇa he sakha, in my rashness; ajānatā mahimānaṁ tavedaṁ, I did not know Your majesty, and in ignorance I called You like this; mayā pramādāt praṇayena vāpi, by negligence or by love I simply addressed You simply like Krishna, O Yadava, O Sakha!”

yac cāvahāsārtham asatkṛto ’si, “In this way I have insulted You, asatkṛto ’si, not satkāra but asatkāra; asatkṛto ’si, in this way you have been insulted by me; vihāra-śayyāsana-bhojaneṣu, by the lying in the couch, or in the seat, or in fun and enjoyment, or in eko ’tha vāpy acyuta tat-samakṣaṁ, while eating; eko ’tha vāpy acyuta tat-samakṣaṁ, whether you were alone or before many other people; tat kṣāmaye tvām aham aprameyam, O Immeasurable, please pardon me for all this that I have done to You.”(XI, 42)

This is the first image of the Lord as the embodiment of the supreme Lord.

But now he says:

pitāsi lokasya carācarasya tvam asya pūjyaś ca gurur garīyān |

na tvatsamo ’sty abhyadhikaḥ kuto ’nyo lokatraye ’py apratimaprabhāva ||43||

“You are the father of the worlds, father of carācara, that which is moving and that which is not moving; tvam asya pūjyaś ca gurur garīyān, and You are of all of them, You are garīyān -shretha, You are the greatest teacher.”

na tvatsamo ’sty abhyadhikaḥ, there is nobody superior to You; kuto ’nyo, where there can be anybody superior to You; lokatraye ’py, even in three worlds; apratimaprabhāva, You have incomparable majesty.”

tasmāt praṇamya praṇidhāya kāyaṁ prasādaye tvām aham īśam īḍyam |

“Therefore, praṇamya praṇidhāya kāyaṁ, I am bowing down, praṇidhāya kāyaṁ, prostrating my body, kāyaṁ, (kāya is the body), my body I am praṇidhāya, completely prostrating at your feet, prasādaye, be pleased.

piteva putrasya, just as the father does to his son, just as sakheva sakhyuḥ, as a friend is towards a friend, priyaḥ prīyāya, just as the lover does to the beloved, similarly deva soḍhum arhasi, O Lord suffer me in this fashion.” (XI, 44)

This is the second image of the Lord; the Lord who is embodied in one, one image, the Lord as a friend even there, there is a relationship. This is the verse which has given raise of the deepest depth of Vaishnavism where the Lord is worshipped as the father, is worshipped as the friend, is worshipped as the beloved.

adṛṣṭapūrvaṁ hṛṣito ’smi dṛṣṭvā bhayena ca pravyathitaṁ mano me |

tad eva me darśaya deva rūpaṁ prasīda deveśa jagannivāsa ||45|| (XI)

Now, comes the third image. “As this particular thing that you have shown me so terrify, it is rejoicing but at the same time very, very terrifying; adṛṣṭapūrvaṁ hṛṣito ’smi dṛṣṭvā, I am very pleased having seen that, adṛṣṭapūrvaṁ, which I have never seen before, and yet, bhayena ca pravyathitaṁ mano me, and yet my mind is greatly bewildered and greatly terrified by fear, bhayena.

tad eva me darśaya deva rūpaṁ, now therefore you show me your delightful rūpa,…”

This is the third image. Supreme Lord embodied in Krishna is the first image; the second is the image of the Lord as the father, as the friend and as the beloved; the third image is this rūpa, ‘your delightful form’.

darśaya deva rūpaṁ, now you show me your deva rūpa, your supreme… viśvarūpa darśana I have seen, it has made me very happy at the same time greatly terrified…be pleased; prasīda deveśa jagannivāsa, O Lord of Lords, jagannivāsa, the abode of the whole universe, please now reveal to me your deva rūpaṁ.

What is deva rūpaṁ?

He describes it:

kirīṭinaṁ gadinaṁ cakrahastam icchāmi tvāṁ draṣṭum ahaṁ tathaiva |

“I want to see that form of Yours with a crown, with a mace, with a discus in Your hand. teniava rūpeṇa caturbhujena, I have seen You till now with millions of hands, I want to see You with four hands, catur-bhujena.

teniava rūpeṇa caturbhujena (this is the form of Narayana)

sahasrabāho bhava viśvamūrte ||46||(XI)

“Thousands of hands I have seen You now, but I want to see You with four hands.”

śribhagavān uvāca, now Sri Krishna replies:

mayā prasannena tavārjunedaṁ rūpaṁ paraṁ darśitam ātmayogāt |

“Because I was very pleased with you, therefore O Arjuna I have shown you this particular paraṁ darśitam, great vision I have shown you, ātmayogāt, by My own Yoga.

tejomayaṁ viśvam anantam ādyaṁ yan me tvad anyena na dṛṣṭapūrvam ||47||

“My form, tejomayaṁ, lustrous, viśvam, the whole universal form which is anantam ādyaṁ, which has no beginning and no end, this is what I have shown you; yan me tvad anyena na dṛṣṭapūrvam, what you have seen nobody else has seen before.”