Bhagavagd Gita - Session 12- Track 1210

This you throw out, even if you subtract it yourself from yourself, you still remain perfect: you add something to yourself, you still remain the perfect. Such is the very nature of Reality. Action is only one principle: yajñā. You make a holocaust of yourself, through yourself, unreservedly. As a result you will become somebody else. In very metaphysical terms it is said that the world is ‘objectivisation’ of the Self. The Self is subject.

All action is nothing but a movement of ‘objectivisation’: the subject becomes object. You begin to see yourself as an object to yourself. How do you see yourself? Even in ordinary terms, when you want to see yourself, you have to become different from you, and face, confront yourself and see backward. In other words, the object has a subject and looks at you as an object. First you are the only thing in the world, you throw yourself, and then, as a result an object is created, and that object begins to look at you as his object.

Comment: Is this is introspection?

Answer: Yes, in introspection this is what happens. The whole world is nothing but introspection of God. The whole world is nothing but bahū syām : it means, “Let me be many”, this is the only meaning. There is only one action; action has only one meaning: ‘holocaust’. As a result of it, anyaḥ is produced; and anyaḥ begins to look at yourself as an object. And in looking at, also, there is only one law: holocaust. That object also makes a holocaust, yajñā from your side, and yajñā from the other side. And action is nothing but this cycle; everything in the world is nothing but yajñā.

Question: Can you explain this in the terms of Purusha and Prakriti which you just mentioned?

Answer: Yes, it is this. In fact, by ‘holocaust’ of the Supreme, anyaḥ is produced; something else is produced. ‘Something else’ is not different from ‘Himself’, because there is nothing else than Himself, but a different standpoint is created. He was, He begins to look at Himself from the other side. Nothing else is created because there is nothing else; so what happens is: a standpoint is created, which now looks at the original as his own object: that is Prakriti.

For Purusha, Prakriti is the object; for Prakriti, Purusha is the object. The whole action is nothing but this. The whole world is nothing but this basic activity: holocaust of yourself, as a result Prakriti begins to come into being, that objective reality, and that begins to look at yourself. And what is the method of looking at yourself by holocaust? A special relationship is created between the original and the other one, which is produced.

sampūrṇa balidāna: complete holocaust, you give up yourself, you no more remain what you are: something else is produced. Prakriti is nothing but Purusha himself, but taking a stand point, which is objective to that Purusha. Prakriti is not something different because there is nothing else.

In the Bible, this is very well expressed as if Eve is produced out of the rib of Adam. This is in a very lower sense it is taken up, but actually speaking it is true. Prakriti, Eve stands for Prakriti and Adam stands for Purusha. Prakriti has no independent existence: Prakriti is actually Purusha. The substance of Prakriti is nothing but Purusha, but the original reality is Purusha, because there is only one Reality. That Purusha takes out of Himself as if were, Himself, and puts before Himself, objectifies Himself, and then, that object begins to look at original Purusha as his object.