Bhagavagd Gita - Session 12- Track 1211

That is why, the theory of Purusha and Prakriti is perfectly valid. The whole world is nothing but a play of Purusha and Prakriti, where Purusha gives himself fully to Prakriti, and Prakriti gives fully to Purusha. And yet there is a special relationship. What is that? Purusha, after the Prakriti is produced will say: “I will do nothing; all doing is given to you; that is your function now. What I will do is I will tell you what is to be done. I will only say what is to be done, and your function will be to carry it out: how you carry out is your business. And when you carry it out, you will give it to me back because this is my Will.”

This is the only relationship between the two. The Purusha wills; Prakriti executes, and after executing offers it back for the enjoyment of Purusha. Therefore Purusha is called the Enjoyer. Prakriti works out all that the Purusha wants, and having produced, it gives back to Purusha. And by this, constantly, all action is nothing but this: action is nothing but an objective movement of Purusha, and offering from the side of Prakriti.

If you know this whole world, and if you know this is all action, wherever there is action, remember all action is nothing but action of Prakriti. And whether you like it or not, that Prakriti, inspite of you… you are nothing actually, you are only a small instrument of Prakriti created by Her. Her interest is not to do anything for you. All Her activities are meant for Purusha, and whatever she produces, she really wants to offer it at the feet of Purusha. If you realise this, then what happens? You just collaborate with it. You go on offering to Purusha, then, you are absolutely in harmony.

Our obstruction comes only because we think that, “Oh! This is mine; I want to hold it on”. But actually speaking there is no such thing at all, even if you want to hold it, Prakriti will take away from your hands and put it before Purusha, because that is all that Prakriti wants to do. There is nothing like yours here. There is only one, there are only two: there is Purusha and Prakriti, or Ishwara-Shakti. There is nothing else. And if you are, you can also play a part; you are a kind of additional thing you might say. As an additional, you can remain only if you take the same position: you be one with the Purusha, and you may become one with the Prakriti in both ways, play both the roles. Will like Purusha, and execute like Prakriti.

Comment: It has a meaning: terā tujko arpan kyā lage merā.

Answer: That’s right, it is all His. You take this position; as far as you are concerned, on the side of Purusha, you become the one who wills; and you will what He wills because after all there is no such thing as your willing: you will what He wills, and that whatever is produced, you offer it to yourself, don’t come into the way. You make a channel very clear: offer it to Purusha.

As far as action is concerned, you take the position of Prakriti; and position of Prakriti is that it is offered to Purusha. You want to enjoy isn’t it! Yes, you enjoy! But enjoy by becoming one with Purusha. Will what He wants; don’t will what you want; then you will enjoy then properly, because all this world is nothing but enjoyment, but enjoyment of ‘His’ will.