Isha Upanishad - Super school - Auroville - Isha Upanishad 1105

The kind of consciousness that is in the body is also miraculous, how is it that I speak, you can understand, it's a miracle. A great scientist has said the one thing that is incomprehensible is that the world is comprehensible. How does it happen, it's a great mystery, it is as if a magic show is being displayed before us and we are actually doing magic show ourselves, we are magicians of this earth. When the human body was created, you know the gods have been watching all the time and this is one of the story of the Upanishads, when the gods saw that the human body was created they said: ‘Oh! How wonderful, we shall enter into it.’ Till that time gods were working as if outside, not entering because they couldn't work but in the human body there was so much of response, they are conscious and we are to some extent conscious, some response could take place. The gods said that we should enter into the human body so a new story started. And human beings are capable of directly communicating with the gods and the whole of the Veda there is nothing but the story of knowledge, whereby human consciousness can be communicated with the gods deliberately. It's like engineering a course, how can you communicate many gods like Indra, Varuna and Bhaga, millions of gods, how can you communicate with them. So the Veda gives you formular by which you can communicate with them, you can call them for their help and you’re lifted out of our difficulties.

In this process of development there is a growing consciousness, from the darkness came life and when mind began to develop it was very rudimentary mind, say the mind of a cow, the mind of a lion, they all have memories, they can perceive, they also have the power of cunning, even cats are very cunning, they can wait for the prey to come and just at the right moment, it can catch it’s prey. So, rudimentary mind first of all begins to manifest but then comes the stage where awareness and unconsciousness are almost equal you might say a great deal of unawareness and a good deal of consciousness that stage is called ignorance. There the real state of ignorance is that stage where there is a good deal of awareness and a great deal of unconsciousness that is ignorance. We are not inconscient, we are not unconscious, not subconscious, we're partly conscious and partly unconscious, this mixture is ignorance. 

What we described as the sevenfold ignorance yesterday is a description of this consciousness via sevenfold ignorance, this is where we are and now we have reached a stage where we cannot remain very are. A lion can remain a lion forever, but a human being cannot remain forever what a human being is, such is the stage at which we have reached. Once the consciousness of man is created his very nature is to exceed himself, it is one of the definitions of human being, human being is a self exceeding animal, it always wants to go beyond himself. Whatever you are is all right but you want to move forward. But there is also a great inertia, great idleness. Oh! My Lord, who does this labour to exceed oneself, so there, is a big conflict to exceed oneself and to remain where you are or even if you want to progress a little, a little progress, − satisfied and yet when you try to be satisfied some something in you goes on knocking and it says no-no this is not enough go ahead, further this is our condition. Now a point comes in our life where you find that this slightly moving in, slightly coming back is itself a very big trouble, you go back again to the same kind of effort, again you rise up again you repaired it and you go back. So a time comes there arises a big flame in you. That psychic being which has been all the time accompanying us in this journey, it goes on reminding you, look your task here is to abolish this darkness altogether, this partial light and partial darkness is not what you here for your here for the complete abolition of darkness. At present the psychic being is exiled as I said yesterday, the exiled King we don't refer to it. When it speaks to us we close our eyes and ears but after some time we begin to be very sympathetic to that psychic consciousness and that psychic consciousness goes on because that is the very task given to it by the Supreme Lord, by the supreme Divine Mother that this obscurity has to be completely obliterated. Make it fully luminous, so inspired by the task the psychic being goes on knocking more and more, as you come nearer and nearer to psychic being you get this call greater and greater. At last the call becomes so great then you say, ‘now, I shall give my entire life, my thought, my everything so that the darkness is completely abolished. That is a tremendous moment this great call and then you ask yourself what is the way by which this darkness can be abolished.