Sachchidananda 'The Life Divine' Book I,Ch.9, 10, 11, 12 (The Mother Insitute of Research - MIRA) - Track 1005

One day I wish I would like to show you this flower. It is very beautiful flower. So, in flower there is so much of design and this design correspond to psychological aspects which are to be born later on. The human beings came to the world much later and these human beings manifest those levels of consciousness which are already pre-design in the form of these flowers. Also when we see if you go deeper you can find that every flower if you really keep company of flower they constantly give you psychological help. They not only gives you fragrance or beauty but by keeping those flowers with you, you get a certain kind of special capacity like tapasya, she was a flower you should keep constantly with you the power of tapasya will increase in you. It’s a fact if you keep even the smell of it is a smell of tapasya. It induces tapa sya in your consciousness. I don’t know the names of these flowers, but if you see the flowers which are normally offered to Shiva, not champa. Champa is a flower to which Mother has called it psychological perfection. Champa flower has got these four petals. I don’t know the name , the biological name or whatever name, but those flower if you really smell them. If you smell them you will find that very smell is tapsya. It induces tapsya in you. Its quite different from a rose.

Question – But you can keep any flower for that purpose?

You can but I am saying that in India we have specially designed that for Shiva you will specially offer that flower. If you have this particular flower it certainly imparts to you a special power. Rose must be having some other power. It has a power of love. No, these flowers are very important actually in our spiritual life, so if you have a certain flowers, a company of certain flowers. They always give a certain like purity flowers for example – Juhi, the jasmine flowers. If you just keep them with you they will give lot of purity in your being. The very company of this flower provide you lot of purity, all these flowers are actually psychological conditions. Animals they seem to be unintelligent but actually intelligence in animal some time is so great. Just now I gave the example of the nest making capacity of the birds but like that there so many amazing capacities of animals and birds which human beings cannot possess although we pride ourselves with our consciousness and we believe that from consciousness point of view we are supreme it is really not true. what a dog can do you cannot do. A dog can detect a thief which even the best policeman cannot do. What is that capacity which the dog possesses? What is the state of consciousness it possesses? What elephant can do a human being cannot do. What the lion can do man cannot do. What the monkey can do the man cannot do and not only physically but also psychologically. There are certain things which psychologically we cannot do like it is said dolphins for example they have a goodwill inherent in them which human beings don’t possess. Even though we have good will it is mixed up with even will. There is rivalry, competition, this, that etc, but dolphins are suppose to have a genuine good will. They automatically behave in such a way as to protect, to take care and they rush up to help somebody. This has been found in many experiments regarding dolphins, so many animals possess consciousness which we human beings don’t possess. The conclusion is that this force which is acting in the world is not unconscious. We examine all materialistic position to prove that it is material and these theories failed. We take the opposite hypothesis and we can show that everything in the world is fundamentally conscious, therefore our conclusion is that the force that is working in the world and that the being that is behind the force is conscious. This is the end of the chapter number ten fundamentally.

Question – but.…..that the force, that conscious force can be the w… of the unconscious.

Yes, it can be because it is said by limitations

But earlier we said that consciousness is the nature of the pure existence

Quite true, but it also can by limitation the force is capable of two movements either of remaining manifest or remaining un-manifest and when it manifest it can play many type of things of complete self limitation, partial self limitation or growing self limitation. a complete self limitation is incontinent, partial self limitation is ignorance and a growing self limitation is ignorance moving towards knowledge so it can have all kinds of conditions by power of self limitation.

Question – Is it wrong to say that the mind is the factor in the human being for the self limitation?

It is not wrong because mind itself is a power of consciousness.

Question- Then is this statement correct that in the human being the mind is the limiting factor?

You can say that mind first of all let me define mind in order to make your statement true you have to say what is mind. You can say mind is a special power of consciousness. Consciousness is originally two powers of comprehending consciousness and of simultaneous conscious of each and every element. Comprehending consciousness means universal consciousness and another capacity of being conscious of each and every element in that consciousness. It is universal consciousness and it is omniscience. Omniscience means knowledge of each and everything. These are the two original powers of consciousness. These two powers combined together are what is called super mind. Super mind can be defined as all comprehensive consciousness which is capable of being conscious of each and every element within itself. Now when this consciousness decides to limit itself then it produces what is called apprehending consciousness, not comprehending, but apprehending. Now what is apprehending consciousness. Apprehending consciousness is a consciousness that emphasizes one thing against the other. It concentrates upon one more than on the other therefore exclusive becomes afterwards but at present is only induce more important to one rather than to the other. It is still conscious of everything but it gives more important to one instead of the other.