Bhagavagd Gita - Session 12- Track 1212

Once you understand this whole scheme of the world, all ignorance collapses. After knowing this of course it has to be in our action, in our activities, it has to be filled in our very substance of the being. But this is all the meaning of yajñā. That is why Sri Krishna says that: “Even now you do not know the whole scheme, so I am only telling you that whatever action you are doing, you offer. In your offering it will burn away; it will go to the Enjoyer, He will eat it away, but as soon as He eats away, He again gives back. It will come back again to you.

In the puruṣa bhāva, take puruṣa bhāva you will enjoy, provided you become one with Purusha. If you take the part of Prakriti, you offer: this is your enjoyment.

The great test happens as Prakriti, when it offers what Purusha wanted. Prakriti is nothing but a kind of a ‘factory’ in which what Purusha wants is produced; and having produced, it is given to Purusha, and Purusha enjoys it. Having enjoyed it, He again gives back to Prakriti and says: “I want this”. Then again it is produced by Prakriti. Prakriti’s very function is executing, produce results, manufacturing, giving shape, executing. The Purusha simply says: “I want fifty rupees”. The Prakriti works out everything so fifty rupees are produced and they are absolutely offered fully to Purusha. Prakriti keeps nothing with Her: that is Her greatest enjoyment. To belong to Purusha, to belong to Purushottama entirely and fully with all the results produced, and offered to the Divine: that is the greatest happiness of Prakriti. Enjoy that, be Prakriti as far as your action is concerned, and be like Purusha as far as your will is concerned, then, there is no problem: that is real Karmayoga.

Karmayoga is nothing but to do an action in the real way. As it is really being done in the world, you collaborate, you realise this is the right method of action. Since you do not know the whole story He says, “At present at least you take this bhāva, you do for yajñā: yajñārtham karma. Every action you take as yajñā, and if you do this you are a Karmayogi. Ultimately you will even see that your action does not even belong to you. That is in the 4th chapter, when you will know the whole thing. By doing yajñā, you will come to know the whole secret, that the whole world is nothing but a play between Purusha and Prakriti.

Having known it, you will be one with the supreme Lord on one side, you will become one with Prakriti on the other side, so where is ‘you’. You are only a kind of an additional element who is allowed to play: such is your real position. And therefore, you come into divyam karma: you really do the Divine Action, because there is no moha; there is no robbing: there is no stena, you are no more a robber. You are all the time nothing but engaged in this kind of a cycle; and you are at both the places, that is your special privilege, that you are at both the places, you can be Purusha, you can be Prakriti at the same time.

What is Jiva? Jiva is Purusha and Prakriti at the same time. We, the individual is at once Purusha-Prakriti; we are not only Purusha, we are both at once Purusha-Prakriti. So, that you can be both, active in action you are a Prakriti, in willing you are Purusha. If you attain to this, you are a Karmayogi. And therefore, nothing will happen to you except what Divine wills.